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Snackers rejoice. Our Multi Pack is literally (okay...not literally) the best thing you could do for yourself and family, at least when it comes to chips. Why choose just one delicious recipe when you can have the lot? Enjoy the classics, the salty, the BBQ, the vinegar and the cheesy in one easy to order package.

Our large variety pack comes with two large canisters of the Outback BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, Aged White Cheddar and one canister of the Original and Sour Cream and Onion. You won't miss out on a thing with this box!

Good Ingredients

No fillers, no fuss. Free from artificial flavors, gluten, and GMOs.

Good Taste

We have a healthy obsession with taste. Only the best recipes exit our kitchen and enter your belly.

Good Vibes

Feel plain good about what you’re eating and feeding your family. No compromises necessary. No guilt needed.

Our Ingredients

Why gluten free? Why sustainable palm oil? We choose our ingredients with care. Learn more about what goes into our taste bud friendly crisps.

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Variety Pack


Which crisps have dairy?

Our Sour Cream & Onion and Aged White Cheddar crisps each contain milk. If you are looking for a dairy free option, try out our Classic Original, Outback BBQ, or Sea Salt & Vinegar recipes!

Why palm oil?

Palm oil is essential to giving our chips a crisp crunch. After exhaustively looking through our other options, we chose palm oil because it’s cleaner than many other oils. We’re happy to confirm that the palm oil we use comes from an RSPO certified supplier. Read more about our choice here.

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