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Creepy Crisps
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Creepy Crisps

New Product Launch! Shrimps on the Barbie!



Thanks for humoring us!

For fun, 30% off with code: AprilFools

Sorry, you'll have to pick a different flavor!

Also you can watch a hilarious video of Matt!

Pink "Shrimps on the Barbie" Good Crisp canister

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  • Football dipped chips!

    Chips covered in chocolate with white icing, making it look like a Football

    Here's what you need: Your favorite chocolate that you will melt Original Good Crisp Chips White frosting Parchment Paper or wax paper Directions: Melt chocolate so it's nice and creamy ready for dipping! Take a...

  • Firework Sprinkle Chips

    Good Crisp chips dipped in chocolate and sprinkles

    We are in love with these Firework Sprinkle Chips from our Friend Jenna at Celiac Snacks! They are so easy to make and will quickly be a crowd favorite! Here is what you need: Chocolate...