Dad Hacks- Matt Parry, CEO of The Good Crisp

When you get in a routine of going to work, coming home, going to work.. it's hard to take a step back and remember to slow down and enjoy the little things with your kiddos. Running a business, involving lots of spontaneous travel and  heightened stress of keeping the wheels on the bus make the little things even harder to find. 

We decided that it doesn't have to the case! There are very special moments that are held between Dads and kids, and we want to highlight them! We are always doing our best, but hopefully some of these stories from busy dads will help inspire you to find the little things in your family life. 

How do you involve your kids into your business?

I love to involve my girls in as much of the business as I can. As our products are made for kids, this can be easy at times. I get their thoughts on new product samples and ideas and ask them what excites and interests them. Where possible I also like to take them to trade shows and show them what I do and how I talk to customers about the products.


 What do your kids love you for?

I’m the fun maker in the family. If the kids want a fort made, some help with a Lego concept an empty boxed turned into a car – they come to me. I love this part of being a Dad creating things from scraps and getting to see their imagination at work is such a magical part of being a Dad.


Do you have a good Dad Hack?

A simple hack I do is always make pancakes into some kind of face. Whether it is making two small additions as ears on the side or arranging the toppings to make a face, it is relatively simple thing to do, but the affect is 10x the effort. The kids think it is the best thing in the world and they look at you like you’re a Michelin star chef. Its such a small thing but it makes their day and their excitement will make you feel awesome as well!


How do you find balance between work and your family?

Obviously, this is a massive struggle. Starting a new business takes a lot of time physically and mentally and it’s often the kids that miss out. I try to make a point of ensuring I spend some time with the girls in the morning before the workday starts. I am usually at my freshest in the morning and not mentally preoccupied with the day’s events. This means I am able to ensure I am present and engage with the girls and can give them my full attention.


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