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At Home Kid Activities! Mazes and Word Searches

Stack of chips next to coloured paper

Keeping the kids busy with activities feels like a mission on its own. So, we are going to collect our favorite puzzles, games and educational activities to share with you and our community. Please send us any other ideas you have!

Here are a few word searches:

A children's word search titled "Flower word search" where the word search is in the the shape of a flower with flower-related words to find
A children's word search titled "Bee hive word search" where the word search is in a honeycomb hexagonal shape with bee-related words to find

We love a good maze!

A children's maze titled "The road home maze" where the maze is in the shape of a road layout from above with buildings, speed signs, traffic light and parking. An arrow points from a car in one corner and a house is in the opposite corner
A children's maze titled "Follow the rainbow to find the pot of gold" where the maze is in the shape of a rainbow using rainbow colors with an arrow pointing to one side of the rainbow and a pot of gold on the other

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