Spread Good Cheer with Santa!

Get your picture taken with Santa to spread more Holiday Cheer, and watch as our canister turns into a Winter Wonderland! Use the QR Code below, or click on this link! 

Try it for yourself! Simply open your camera and scan this QR Code or click here. Get your canister ready so you can see Santa for yourself!



“Knowing that Christmas will look, feel and be different this year, we wanted to find a way to spread more cheer through our packaging. This technology is brand new to our consumer, and what better way to launch it than with Santa!,” says Matt Parry, CEO and Co-founder of The Good Crisp Company. “Christmas, to us, is one of those holidays that brings so much cheer, fun and love to a Family’s year, especially kids. As a brand built around family, it was important to us to make sure we stay present as we all navigate these uneasy times.”

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